Wood Shed

This week at Hare Krishna Valley we were involved in our twice yearly wood chop. This time, we also had to build a new wood shed in order to keep all the wood away from the farm buildings. In the summer time, if the wood is too close to the buildings it can pose a fire risk. Virabhadra Prabhu built the frame for a green house many years ago, but it was left incomplete. Because he built the frame in the shape of an octagon, it took us quite a while to cut the corrugated iron in the right shape. In the end, the building is looking quite good, and we now have an attractive wood shed to protect the wood during the winter.
Krishna sent us a nice group of devotees to come and help us cut and stack the wood. It was 2 days of intense labour as we cut 10 cart loads of wood for storage. In the end, everyone had sore backs, tired bodies, and blissful spirits. There is nothing more satisfying than using all of your energy in Krishna’s service. And now we have enough wood to keep the fires going all winter to keep everyone warm.

Suka and Sari

This is a picture of Vedapriya’s pet King Parrots. She has named them Suka and Sari. They come nearly every morning outside of our door, and call out to her until she comes and feeds them their sunflower seeds for breakfast. Suka, the boy, has the red head, and Sari, the girl, has the green head.