This week at Hare Krishna Valley we prepared for and hosted a Vedic Astrology Retreat with Internationally renouned astrologer Bhanu Swami. Vedic astrology is the oldest branch of astrology in the world, based upon the Vedic texts of ancient India. Bhanu Swami explained the science in detail over the weekend, and the guests also enjoyed karma free vegetarian meals and bush walking in between the rain showers. In total 17 guests attended, and found Bhanu Swami’s presentation to be most enlightening. By the end of the weekend everyone was beginning to interpret their own charts with deeper clarity.

We also laid the concrete slab for our new pump to extract the water from our newly dug bore, which should be in operation in the next few months.

We look forward to speaking to you again next week.
Until then, I remain yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada.

Keshava Dasa.