Our apologies for the short break in posting fresh material on our blog, but our secretary has been busy attending to some of our guests, and thus hasn’t had time to post anything. Basically, we spent 2 weeks setting up for Bhurijana Prabhu and Jagattarini Mataji’s retreat, and then tidying up after everybody left. The retreat was a great success, with over 100 devotees participating over the weekend.


Last week, we began preparing a new altar to move the Dieties into their new temple room. We built a new platform to place Srila Prabhupada and Sri Sri Gaura Nitai upon. The altar we are building is a temporary structure to house the Dieties until their permanant altar has been constructed.


On Friday night we began our first namahatta program in the nearby town of Geelong. This is a home program in which people who are interested in Krishna Consciousness come together in someone’s home to learn about chanting and the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness. 20 people attended and were greatly enlivened by the atmosphere that was created. Everyone then enjoyed Krishna prasadam, food offered to Krishna. If you are interested in attending our future home programs in Geelong, please contact me.

Until then, I remain yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada.
Kesava dasa.