On the weekend I travelled to the Melbourne Hare Krishna Temple to celebrate the anniversary of the disappearance of my spiritual master from this world. The festival was attended by around 100 devotees.

Vyas Puja

We then held our regular Sunday Feast programme at the farm which was attended by 50 guests who enthusiastically chanted Hare Krishna and enjoyed the feast cooked with love and devotion by Manigriva and Tarini Rupa. The guests also asked many intelligent questions during our discussion.

Sunday Feast Programme

A friend of ours, Dayal Nitai, has come to stay at the farm for 3 weeks. He brought some brahmi plants, which is an Ayurvedic herb used in enhancing memory. I planted several of these plants outside my back door, and we will see how they grow in the Otway climate.

Brahmi Ayurvedic herb

The excess vegetables we had this week were taken to the Melbourne Hare Krishna Temple for use in their kitchen. The Temple and our two restaurants in Swanston street serve around 4,500 meals per week.

Organic Bio-dynamic Vegetables

We look forward to speaking to you again next week.
Until then, I remain yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada.

Keshava Dasa.