This week at Hare Krishna Valley, we began to paint the large room in the Temple building, as we are moving the Temple into this location in the next couple of months. We are receiving more and more visitors each month, and in order to accomodate them nicely, we are improving the facilities and making more room to fit everyone comfortably. At the Sunday feast, which was held on the weekend, around 30 of us gathered to perform kirtana, discuss the Bhagavat Gita and take a wonderful feast which had an Italian theme. The guests enjoyed lasagne, soup, bread rolls, salad, roast vegetables and pumpkin cheese cake, with a large amount of the produce grown in our garden.
Renovating the new Temple room
Manigriva Prabhu was busy this week ploughing one of the fields and sowing grass seed to improve the pasture for the cows. He was also busy picking the last of the zucchinis. In total, we have sent 150 crates of zucchinis to the Melbourne Temple in the last few months. We are now harvesting the butternut pumpkins, and started sending them to the Temple. The cooks have told us that they are enjoying cooking with the fresh produce coming from the farm.

We will keep you posted with future developments.

Until then, I remain yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada,
Kesava dasa.