Our motto at Hare Krishna Valley is “natural living, high thinking”. Natural living means that we live a comfortable, uncomplicated life in harmony with nature. By reducing our “wants” to “needs”, we manage to live in a peaceful state of mind. Peace of mind is a prerequisite to true happiness.

All of humanity’s needs can be amply supplied from Mother Nature. At Hare Krishna Valley we aim to develop a self-sufficient farm community in which we gratefully receive our gifts from the earth and in return protect the earth from unnecessary harm. Our projects include an investment in organic farming, a humanitarian dairy, protection of wild life, forest regeneration and developing solar energy.

Our resident members live together in a spirit of love and trust. We co-operate together to further the development of the community. Visitors are treated as welcome friends and are encouraged to use their strengths to develop a positive future. Hare Krishna Valley is a spiritual sanctuary, a place where guests can rejuvenate themselves and feel part of a greater family.

Our natural lifestyle allows us to concentrate more freely on high thinking. This means that we are able to afford the time to contemplate the “bigger picture”. Our members live an enlightened existence, with a higher purpose. We dedicate all of our activities for the pleasure of Krishna, the supreme entity. We engage in meditative chanting every day, study the ancient Vedic teachings of India and regularly come together to share realizations of our journey.

We warmly invite all other sincere seekers to join in on the development of Hare Krishna Valley, a positive alternative community.