This week at Hare Krishna Valley we continued to apply the first coat of paint to the Temple building. As this is a big building, it is a test of our endurance and devotion to Krishna. The classes we had this week focused on giving pleasure to Krishna through our activities, as opposed to acting for our own pleasure. We received the opportunity to apply the philosophy of Krishna consciousness in our daily life as we painted on and on throughout the day. But as with everything in Krishna consciousness, when we see the result is for Krishna’s satisfaction, we also become satisfied.

Temple building
We had our third Sunday Feast programme for the year, and once again there were 50 people in attendance, including devotees. This is most encouraging for those of us who are dedicating our lives to making Hare Krishna Valley a success. One of the guest I spoke to was a retired Police Commissioner, who had come to the feast with his wife to investigate what the Hare Krishna movement is about. He participated enthusiastically in the kirtana, asked questions during the lecture, and enjoyed the prasadam to his full satisfaction.
We look forward to seeing more of you at Hare Krishna Valley soon.
Until then, I remain yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada,
Kesava dasa.