The devotees at Hare Krishna Valley are busy. They are making preparations for upcoming retreats, implementing refinements to their cropping strategy and hosting induction sessions for staff members of the Surf Coast Shire’s Tourist Information Centres.

Not to mention that the Valley devotees are making ongoing improvements for the increasing numbers of guests who attend the Sunday feast programs. I understand that on occasion seventy guests have visited! Thanks to the hard work of local and visiting devotees the new interior decorations to the Temple room are nearing completion.

Internationally renowned Vaishnava chef Kurma Dasa is hosting a cooking retreat at Hare Krishna Valley in September. Then Bhurijana Prabhu is hosting a retreat especially devoted to Melbourne’s Indian student and young professional community. In October our Urban Yoga team will host a cooking retreat for their enthusiastic participants.

Although the retreat program for November to January is still being finalised, there is no doubt though that this summer will see an increasing stream of visitors to Hare Krishna Valley. Last summer all available bed and breakfast accommodation was booked out over the holiday season, and word of the peace and happiness that awaits visitors there must be spreading.

Over on the Valley residential subdivision on Seaches Track, Christian and Jacqui Jenkins have poured the concrete foundation to their family home.

Hare Krishna Valley’s cropping strategy is being refined as a result of our farm managers’ tests over the past couple of years. Manigriva Prabhu will move the market garden plot further down the hill from the existing one. The area that is cropped will be reduced to a quarter of an acre, but the variety of vegetables that are grown will be increased. We hope that this strategy will prove more manageable for the farm devotees and make the Hare Krishna Valley project more self-sufficient.

The devotees are hosting induction sessions for staff from Surf Coast Shire’s Tourist Information Centres. Staff members from Lorne and Torquay have been the latest to sample a Krishna conscious lifestyle and to be trained up to pass it on to potential visitors.

If you are interested in visiting Hare Krishna Valley yourself, please visit the website at or contact Keshava Dasa on 0405 577 453 or