Hare Krishna Valley

In the beginning of January, my wife Veda Priya and I moved to the Hare Krishna farm on a permanent basis. Our goal was to establish a bed and breakfast facility and to run a retreat center. Over the last six months we have upgraded the guest facilities to make them more comfortable for our visitors. The bed and breakfast facilities are now ready for people to enjoy, and we warmly welcome all of our members and friends to take advantage of the country atmosphere.
Our facilities include a peaceful Temple room – enjoyed by our Deities Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai – and an extensive Vedic library. Outside there is a children’s playground and a games room. We are surrounded by State Forest, so there are many beautiful bush walks to explore. You can also visit our cows, and enjoy watching native animals like kangaroos and echidnas that live around us.
We have renamed the farm Hare Krishna Valley. We will soon have a new sign at the front of the farm, so that everyone who drives past will know where the Hare Krishnas are. People we meet locally ask us, ‘Do you still have that farm in Bambra?’ And we have been replying, ‘Yes. Things have been a little quiet there for a while, but there is a fresh momentum beginning to manifest!’
Recently Manigriva and his wife Sudevi also moved to Hare Krishna Valley. They are busy renovating their house and looking after their one-year-old daughter Vedasara. Manigriva plans to begin organic farming here in the near future. Bio-dynamic farming is a method of farming which works in harmony with nature. It avoids the use of harmful chemicals, thereby protecting the environment. On the eight acres which we have set aside for agriculture we plan to produce enough vegetables to supply the Melbourne Temple, Crossways and Gopals Vegetarian Restaurant.
Since the beginning of the year, we have been holding a regular Sunday feast on the second Sunday of the month. The program begins at 12 noon with a kirtan and spiritual discussion, followed by a sumptuous vegetarian feast. The attendance at the program has continued to grow each month, with the guests enjoying the opportunity for spiritual rejuvenation in a country environment. Children are able to play peacefully while parents attend the spiritual discussion. After feasting, everyone relaxes and enjoys wandering around the farm and forest. Please feel welcome to come and join us some Sunday! Remember to ring us a few days before to confirm numbers so that we can cook enough for everyone!
Srila Prabhupada desired that ISKCON’s rural communities would flourish and become an ideal example of natural living and high thinking to the rest of the world. Modern society is currently too passionate for material pursuits. In order to check this imbalance in the world, Hare Krishna Valley is attempting to demonstrate a positive alternative where people can live a natural life on the land, and pursue spiritual enlightenment in Krishna consciousness. This is a great challenge for the two couples currently residing here, but with the support of our members and friends and Lord Krishna’s blessing, success is guaranteed.
If you would like to become more involved in developing Hare Krishna Valley, then please contact Keshava on 5288 7383 or keshava.tkg@pamho.net. There are many opportunities for service available for anyone who would like to spend some time in the country uplifting themselves spiritually. If you would like to contribute financially towards improving the facilities here we have many projects for you to choose from, such as cow protection, crop and machinery maintenance, and development of the children’s playground, just to name a few.
We look forward to seeing you at Hare Krishna Valley soon!
Your servant,
Kesava dasa

Guest House