Care For Cows…

The team at Hare Krishna Valley has been hard at work upgrading the dairy facility. The milking pens have been built and

Care For Cows…2020-11-05T04:50:04+00:00

Farm Mascot…

Our farm mascot, Bhima, appears to be leaving his body, as he is now advanced in age according to dog years. He

Farm Mascot…2020-11-05T04:50:05+00:00

Mothers Day…

The team at Hare Krishna Valley have been looking after the cows by supplying them with fresh hay for their beds when

Mothers Day…2020-11-05T04:50:05+00:00

Alternative Energy…

The wheel of progress continues to turn with further developments in our cow protection program. The bio gas facility has begun to

Alternative Energy…2020-11-05T04:50:05+00:00

The Depths of Winter…

The weather is cooling off over winter, so we have the fire burning all day to keep the house warm. Meanwhile, Bronte, our

The Depths of Winter…2020-11-05T04:50:05+00:00

Hare Krishna Valley Report Diwali 2012

Over winter the devotees at Hare Krishna Valley busily continued to develop ISKCON's farm project. The micro-community hosted a series of well-received

Hare Krishna Valley Report Diwali 20122020-11-05T04:50:10+00:00
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