This week at Hare Krishna Valley we continued painting the double room in preparation for the retreat we are hosting with Bhurijana Prabhu and Mother Jagattarini this weekend. With the help of one of our Wwoofers, Mami, from Japan, we were able to get a lot done. An old friend of ours, Adrian Burgess, also stayed a couple of nights to lend a hand.

Our new ride on mower arrived on Friday. It is a 20 HP machine, which means it is extremely powerful and well built in order to cut the large amount of lawn that we have around our buildings. We would like to thank all of our supporters who kindly donated to purchase this new mower for Hare Krishna Valley.

On Saturday morning, Manigriva Prabhu enlisted the help of Mami and myself to assist him in puting a shoe on the hoof on one of our bulls, Madhumangala. We then had the difficult task of getting Cintamani, our youngest and liveliest cow into the dairy, so that we could trim her hooves.

Dean Marsh Festival Catering

On Sunday we catered at the Deans Marsh Pioneer Festival, and sold prasadam to raise funds for the maintainence of Hare Krishna Valley. Our sales were down on previous years, as there was more competition from a larger number of caterers at the event, Still, it was enlivening to distribute prasadam to many of the festival attendees.

We also had the good fortune of having Virabadhra Prabhu come to the farm to stay for a week to assist us in developing a master plan for the future development of Hare Krishna Valley.

We will keep you updated on any progress that we make.

Until then, I remain yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada.

Kesava dasa.