On the weekend we held our second Vegetarian Cooking Retreat with Kurma dasa for this year. Twenty-two wonderful guests attended to learn the art of vegetarian cooking in the Bhakti-yoga tradition. Bhakti-yoga refers to the “science of devotion”, and it is the form of yoga practiced in the Hare Krishna movement. In other words, we dedicate all of our words, thoughts and deeds for the pleasure of Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Our guests learnt that the consciousness of the cook affects the meal, and that we should learn to dedicate the meal we are preparing for the pleasure of Krishna.


The guests were all exceptional people, and it was a pleasure for the devotees at Hare Krishna Valley to host such a special group. The participants learnt how to prepare many of Kurma’s favourite dishes and preparations, including home made paneer (Indian cheese), ginger & carrot soup and sweet and thick vermicelli (wheat noodles in condensed milk). As Kurma said at the beginning of the retreat, it was more like an eating retreat than a cooking retreat!


We received some positive feedback from the guests after the retreat, an example of which is as follows:
“Hi Veda, Keshava and Manigriva – just a short note to thank you ALL so very much for making this weekend such a special time. I haven’t stopped chatting to my husband and kids about what a fabulous experience the retreat was and how welcome we were all made to feel. I haven’t felt so relaxed in ages (or laughed so much!) and to meet new people and join in such a wonderful cooking (and eating!) experience has been a gift which will be long remembered. Coincidentally, I have caught up with an acquaintance as well as friends of my niece and had a great time over meals sharing stories with them too! Thank you for opening your home and hearts – I can’t wait to return some time again with my family/friends. Best wishes to you and thank you again for all of the work involved in hosting the retreat. Will look forward to seeing you again – Kerri Robbins~ Bells Beach Cottages “