This week we were fortunate to have His Holiness Subhaga Swami come to stay with us at Hare Krishna Valley overnight. As we were only told the day before that Maharaj was going to arrive, we rang our congregation at short notice to invite them for an evening program with His Holiness. Maharaj very much enjoyed the wood fires and the fresh country air on his short stay with us.


We also celebrated the 30th birthday of one of our key members at Hare Krishna Valley, Gandhiva Prabhu. Gandhiva organised his birthday party at the park in the nearby town of Deans Marsh, which has an outdoor Pizza oven under the rotunda. His father, Vira Bhadra Prabhu cooked what seemed like an unlimited number of Pizzas for all the guests who attended.


This is a picture of our new planting machine with myself and Gandhiva on the back. In total, we have now planted close to 7000 broccolis and cauliflowers, and a few cabbages. They will be ready for harvesting in August and September.

We look forward to sharing more news with you next week.
Until then, I remain yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada.
Kesava dasa.