Upon arriving back at Hare Krishna Valley on Wednesday after teaching my Bhakti Vaibhava Course at the Melbourne Temple on Monday and Tuesday night, we got straight into preparing a feast for the pleasure of Lord Ramacandra. We had a small, but intimate gathering to celebrate His appearance day. We are developing a small community at Hare Krishna Valley of devotees who regularly come together to glorify the Supreme Lord. The feast was wonderful, as we only have to cook enough prasadam to distribute to a small number of people, so the preparations are of a high standard.
We then began to prepare the facilities for all the guests who were coming to attend Devamrita Swami’s retreat. The retreat was very successful, with 75 people attending, and enjoying an enlightining weekend in the association of Maharaj and the devotees. The guests enjoyed kirtana, prasadam, lectures, dramas and a special bush walk to Erskine falls. Erskine falls is a world famous water fall only half an hour away from Hare Krishna Valley.
Devamrita Maharaj giving a lecture
The devotees who reside full time at Hare Krishna Valley were fortunate enough to have a personal meeting with Devamrita Swami. He encouraged us in our efforts to preach Krishna Conciousness by showing an example of simple living, high thinking in a rural environment. He especially emphasised that we become as self sufficient as possible in growing our own produce and milking our own cows. We felt greatly enlivened by his encouragement, and even more committed to making Hare Krishna Valley a success.
Until next we meet,
I remain yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada,
Kesava dasa.