Another big week at Hare Krishna Valley. It seems the more you serve Krishna, the more service He gives you to do. At least at Hare Krishna Valley, this seems true. It has been non stop. We are now half way around the Temple building with the first coat of the new paint job. Such a big building seems to be taking forever, but, Krishna continues to send us help. This week, a friend of ours named Tom came to our rescue, and helped us complete the painting on the longest wall of the building.
On Friday, Matt Allan, the CFA representative came and assessed the 6 buildings on our property, to rate them in terms of their safety in the bush fire. He will write a comprehensive report, and send it to us in the following week. Overall, he felt that our buildings were in good condition, and will advice us how to make them more defendable from ember attack.
On Sunday, Manigriva and myself, with the help of another of our friends, Rob, put a coat of render on the north and south wall of the mudbrick ashram. This was a long day, and we just had enough render to complete the job. Overall, we are getting alot done, and we always appreciate any help that we can get. If you feel inspired to come and stay for a while to help out, please get in contact with me.
Hope you are all well.
Speak to you next week.
Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada.