Care For Cows…

The team at Hare Krishna Valley has been hard at work upgrading the dairy facility. The milking pens have been built and the rendering of the walls has begun. The dairy is developing an earthy

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Farm Mascot…

Our farm mascot, Bhima, appears to be leaving his body, as he is now advanced in age according to dog years. He has become the most popular member of our Hare Krishna Valley community in

July 22nd, 2017|Article, News & Articles, Regular Blog|

Mothers Day…

The team at Hare Krishna Valley have been looking after the cows by supplying them with fresh hay for their beds when they come to rest in their new cow barn. The cows are seen

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Alternative Energy…

The wheel of progress continues to turn with further developments in our cow protection program. The bio gas facility has begun to take shape, which will allow us to use the cow dung collected from

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The Depths of Winter…

The weather is cooling off over winter, so we have the fire burning all day to keep the house warm. Meanwhile, Bronte, our resident canine friend is also feeling the cold, so Atulya purchased her a

June 28th, 2017|Article, News & Articles, Regular Blog|

Cooking in the Kitchen…

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Saintly association…

We're spending the weekend at Hare Krishna Valley hosting a retreat with one of the gurus in the Hare Krishna movement, His Grace Bhurijana Prabhu, who is describing the pastimes of Krishna when He came

June 10th, 2017|Article, Events, Regular Blog, Retreats|

Growing Up…

Our bull calves, Pradyumna and Madhu, have joined our older bulls and are now staying with them full time. As they get older they will be trained with the bulls to plough the fields and

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From Strength to Strength…

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